Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts - Art & Design: Games + Playable Media
Art & Design: Games + Playable Media

The Art & Design: Games and Playable Media BA is a highly collaborative and uniquely interdisciplinary degree, designed to give students a strong foundation in both Art and Technology.

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science: Computer Game Design
2019 UCSC Games Showcase

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Computer Game Design is an undergraduate degree program focused on the construction and design of interactive computer games.

Masters' Degrees

Master of Fine Arts - Digital Arts and New Media
Richard Grillotti showcases work at the 2019 UCSC Games Showcase

DANM researches the creative potentials and social implications of emerging technologies and cultural practices. Our two-year MFA program emphasizes critical and experimental inquiry, interdisciplinary collaboration, and social action.

Master of Science - Computational Media
Computational Media

Computational Media is all around us — video games, social media, interactive narrative, smartphone apps, computer-generated films, personalized health coaching, training and more. The M.S. is designed to help you build on your existing strengths and move into new areas.

Master of Science - Games + Playable Media
2019 UCSC Games Showcase

The Games and Playable Media Masters of Science program (GPM) is a professionally-oriented degree program that currently runs for five quarters. The program is geared to students who want to make games or other rich interactive computational media experiences, and the program focuses on computer games whose purpose is primarily entertainment. The program provides students with an intensive educational experience in order to prepare them for entry into the computer game industry.

Master of Science - Serious Games
2019 UCSC Games Showcase

Computer games are an increasingly important medium in our world, and for California as a cultural and economic leader. As games have grown in importance, game developers have found ways to design games that aim to impact measurable social goals — and businesses, nonprofits, and governmental entities have also sought to fund and develop games that serve purposes other than entertainment. These are broadly called “serious games” or “games for impact.” Learning to develop such games presents unique demands. Whether your passion is making educational, health, or scientific exploration games, this program is a great way to explore the world of serious games and impact the world around you. The program is about developing and analyzing serious games and runs for five quarters.

PhD Degrees

PhD - Computational Media
PhD: Computational Media

The Ph.D. is designed for those who are already actively working in computational media and want to develop new knowledge that will change what is possible and how we understand it. The Ph.D. will provide you with an interdisciplinary foundation and supportive research community for moving your work forward.

PhD - Computer Science
Engineering 2 UCSC

Graduate students in the Computer Science PhD program work in several areas of research including machine learning, database systems, data science, big data, data analytics and visualization, privacy and security, distributed systems, operating systems, storage systems, realtime systems, mobile computing, cloud computing, human computing, software engineering, programming languages, algorithms and complexity, artificial intelligence, technology for social good, natural languages, human-computer interaction, and computer vision.